Book Review: A Practical Guide to jBPM5

A Practical Guide for jBPM5Greetings, everyone. In this opportunity, I would like to introduce everyone to a soon to be published book for jBPM adopters. Based on the jBPM5 technology stack, A Practical Guide for jBPM5 provides step by step, very detailed descriptions of how to configure your web designer, creating your first processes in it, adding many types of specialized tasks, exporting processes to an Eclipse workspace, and customizing the runtime.

It is particularly thorough in the steps needed to create your own customized implementations of certain components of the jBPM runtime, including the Human Task Server communication components, jBPM timer implementations, and history logs.

One of the things that make this book an interesting read is that is goes into detail enough to help you create your own components inside the jBPM runtime, while at the same time keeping a very detailed guide that even coding begginers would be able to follow with ease.

Also, it is worth remarking that this book follows a very interesting path from its birth. Being a Kickstarter funded endeavour, the book author had not only placed a remarkable effort to make this book by just writing it, but also by gathering funds for it, and coordinating all collaborations needed to make the book possible. I think this deserves a greater congratulatory level. It is great to see that people all around the world are pushing open source projects like jBPM forward guided by their effort only.

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